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* Photo Credit: Kingston Life Magazine & Viara Mileva Photography

Supporting families. Creating community. Building Relationships. Sharing experiences. Changing lives. These are our core values, the reason why we wake up each morning, and why we do what we do each and every day. We do what we do for you, your family, our earth and our future together!

Your Natural Parenting Shop & Community


We are: Natalie, Jamin (pronounced Jay-min), Kohen  (9 years), Ryann (7 years), Scarlett (a spunky 4 years) and Sadie (2 years - the baby).

We have an amazing staff of Mama's who are here to help you out 7 days per week. Alli, Amanda and Katie are all an integral part of our permanent team and we also have some awesome mamas who are temporary staff - Cherie & Heather. I do hope you have the opportunity to meet them all because each one has a lovely story to share about parenthood and life!

Did you know that our shop started out in our garage? Yes, its true! Go Green Baby originally began in the garage of our west end cookie cutter home. We still see many of our original shoppers in the store on occasion (because now, almost 7 years later, most of their kids have outgrown us!) and we are always so grateful for their ongoing support. We are also extremely grateful for each and every new customer, and friend - because lets face it when I look at my friends on facebook, more than half of you I have met through my business! We are so happy that you have chosen to support our business and our family.

After running out of our garage for about 3 months, we decided to look for a real brick and mortar location. We quickly acquired an all around good space in the west end near Bayridge and Princess. We painted the walls green, brought in some ikea shelving and set up our new shop (with many thanks to my parents for the funds to get us started). We stayed in this location for 2 years and then made our way downtown to our current location at 293 Division. This was our forever home. As soon as we walked in the still being renovated building, we knew that we would stay and make this place ours. In the past 5 years, things have changed in many different ways. Sometimes taking two steps backwards and one step forward. I can always tell how long it has been since a customer has been inside our shop, based on where they tell me the cash desk was located. First it was in back left, then it moved to the front left, then it went back to the back left and now it is in the back right. I think it has found its permanent home - well for at least the next year.

We work really hard at offering families in Kingston (and now across the country), safe, natural and healthy options for their family. To put it simply, natural products for you and your family. That is what we are about and what our goal is. Each product we choose is carefully researched and has been chosen because we believe it will make you and your children happy and safe. We are dedicated to finding you the best quality and safest products for your babies and children. Our dedication to natural and organic products is evident in our very own line of natural wood teethers, rattles and toys - Re-wood Toys. Each product is made by Jamin using locally sourced hard woods that are no longer usable. He recently completed a redesign of our shop, making all the fixtures, displays and shelving himself.

We have made a few mistakes along the way with product choice and naturally with customer service (what can you expect when you have a pregnant women or a postpartum hormonal mom running the show?), but isn't that part of the learning process? We know that more than anyone. Learning (and failing) is the most challenging part of running a business, which is why we truly appreciate that you have stuck with us! We are here doing this parenting thing with you and supporting you, all with the intention of raising happy, healthy children.

With that being said, we are very excited to meet you and for you to become a part of our growing community and family (maybe we will even become friends!). Most important to our business is the relationship that we develop with families and individuals in our community. We pride ourselves on offering excellent customer service, but also going above and beyond to make you and your family feel welcome in not only Kingston but in our small community. We want to hear your stories, share your experiences and become a part of your family.



 * Photo Credit: Kingston Life Magazine & Viara Mileva Photography