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Due to Covid-19, we have changed our hours of operation and The Hive activities are on pause.

Store & Studio Entrance

There are 5 steps up to our front door. Unfortunately we do not have ramp access to our shop & studio at this time. If a ramp is the only way you are able to get up 5 steps, we would love to offer you a private, virtual shopping experience using video chat. Please contact us via email, phone or over social media. We do have a back entrance with 5 steps up/down to a grass & gravel pathway. This access is unfortunately not ramp accessible either.

We know this is not an ideal situation and are doing our best to fix it because it's the right thing to do. We are currently assessing our options for building ramp access and will update here and on social media when we make advances.

If you would like to attend an event at The Hive without coming in and out through the shop because of a loss, we would love to assist you in accessing your event through our back entrance.



Our main entrance has a wide staircase with 5 steps up to our front door. We would be very happy to help you up the stairs if you are bringing your stroller on your visit to the shop or studio. We do not recommend leaving your stroller outside unlocked.

Indoor stroller parking is limited in our cozy shop & studio so if you are able to leave your stroller at home or in your vehicle, we would so appreciate it. This way folks who do need to bring their strollers have space inside. Wide strollers may not fit through the door to The Hive, so if you need to bring your stroller please let us know in advance and we can assist you into The Hive through our back entrance.


Scent Policy

We are a low scent facility. Some of our body care products are scented with essential oils but no perfumes, oil blends or sprays are used in the store or in The Hive studio. To respect those with scent allergies & sensitivities, we do not permit the use of scented products during events in The Hive.



We have one large washroom with a change table in the shop and a smaller washroom without a change table in The Hive studio.

We do not have garbage pick up so we follow the camping rule of pack in, pack out to prevent smell and pest issues. We do have bags available for you to take any disposable diapers or any other non-recyclable items you may need to dispose of. 



We are not an allergen-free facility and there may be nuts, shellfish or other common allergens on the premises. However, if you have an allergy that would prevent you from joining us if your allergen is present, please contact us and we can likely arrange for the space to be free from open containers of that substance.


If you have any questions about our facilities accessibility or would like more detailed information about any of this, please give us a call or send us an email!