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Advanced Babywearing Consultation

A one hour babywearing consultation with Crystal Pedherney (see bio below). Crystal is a certified babywearing trained educator.

During your one hour consultation, we can help you get fitted for a carrier of your choice. We will dedicate one entire hour to YOU! This is different from our tutorial since our tutorial is offered during business hours and while other customers are shopping (we cannot dedicate our entire time to you during our tutorial).

We can also help you learn how to use a carrier you have already purchased.

We can come to your home or you can come to us for the Babywearing Consultation. Please note that any home visits outside the City of Kingston limits is subject to additional fees to cover gas and time.

Crystal has extensive experience with using woven wraps and many other carriers.


About Crystal:

Crystal Pedherney, has been wearing her babies since 2008. Living in a rural area and surrounded by nature, it was out of a love for the outdoors and the desire to keep her babies close that led her down this most fulfilling path of babywearing. Crystal’s passion for intuitive parenting has driven her to become a DONA Certified birth doula, an Uppymama Independent Babywearing Consultant and a Canadian Babywearing School trained Educator.