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Soft-Structured Carrier Loan & Tutorial Program

Due to the Covid-19 crisis, our loan program is currently on hold. 

Once you have learned all there is to know about Babywearing, you can visit us at the store to try a few out! We have a large selection of carriers on hand available for you to try on with your baby, or one of our demo babies. We provide hands-on assistance and instruction on how to use all styles of carriers. Our Soft-Structured Carrier Tutorial and Loan Program is especially popular for those who are uncertain which carrier will work best for their family and lifestyle.

If you have been using a stretchy wrap or ring sling for the first few months, you may be looking to move into a soft-structured carrier. When your baby is approximately 4 months old and at least 12 lbs, you can sign up for our Soft-Structured Carrier Trial. For $40, you can join us in our shop for a babywearing tutorial, where you can try on our carriers with our expert staff. You will be able to borrow 2 carriers of your choice from our selection for a one week period. At the end of your one week trial, you will return your carriers. Your $40 fee will be applied to the purchase of a carrier from our shop within a 60 day time frame. 

We do a require a $250 deposit (usually by Preauthorization on a credit card). Your deposit will be returned to you once you return the carriers in satisfactory condition.

This tutorial occurs in our shop during business hours, while our shop is open for business. We are not always able to dedicate ourselves entirely to you during this period of time, so please come prepared with some time in case other customers also require assistance.

You will be asked to complete a form and agree to the following: