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Free Canadian shipping on orders over $150. Free local delivery on orders over $100.

Bumby Wool Collection 2022

Your favourite Canadian-designed, milled and sewn merino wool winter accessories! This year both mittens and balaclavas have been updated from previous years and we’re so excited for the changes.


Simply Amazing Mittens & Mitten Liners

Our previous seasons of Bumby Wool mittens had a very thin knit merino wool liner. The additional layer to buy, sew and piece together coupled with rising costs of fabric and shipping started to make the mittens unaffordable to make.  Through product testing at Bumby Wool headquarters in blustery Red Deer, Alberta, they decided to create a single layer option, Bumby’s Simply Amazing Mittens. This means the mitten is slightly thinner than the lined version, but we’re luckily not losing too much in terms of warmth. To account for colder, wetter days, Bumby then developed a simple, beautiful and practical mitten liner. Game changer! These mitten liners can be used on their own, with Bumby Simply Amazing mittens over top, or be worn under waterproof mittens for extra warmth on those really wet days.


The Bevor-Clava

The balaclava’s have also been improved: meet the Bevor-clava! The design is based on a bevor (the piece that opens on a knights helmet), and provides a more versatile wear for many cool weather conditions. Check it out!


Text reads: Candian made Bumby Wool, The Bevor Clava, Wear in 4 different ways over 3 seasons, year after year! 4 photos of an older child wearing the balaclava in 4 variantions; with the bevor up and down, and with the hat portion up and down.

Of course Bumby is most famous for their diaper covers, both the classic and Abrazo. And for good reason. Their custom milled and hand dyed fabric will delight and surprise you. Not only are they beautiful and oh-so-soft, they're machine washable! This strong, flexible, & breathable fabric has so many practical uses. You won't regret the leap!