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Car Seat Recycling Program

Go Green Baby is committed to doing our best to find ways to reduce our impact on the environment. Red Propeller is a company created to find ways to recycle hard to dispose of items like car seats and VHS tapes. We are proud to host Red Propeller in our parking lot 3-4 times per year in order to reduce the amount of car seats sent to Kingston area landfills. The next event has been POSTPONED! This page will be updated with the next date as soon as Red Propellor is able to get back to Kingston.

An estimated 1/4 million car seats in Ontario alone are destined for disposal in landfills. This staggering amount of resource being wasted warranted the formation of Red Propeller – the first project dedicated to dismantling child car seats for recycling purposes. 

If you have a car seat or booster seat that:
* is expired
* was involved in a collision
* has an unknown origin or unknown expiration date


There is a small fee paid directly and in full to Red Propeller to have your car seat recycled. (Cash or credit only)

$15 to recycle each car seat
$5 to recycle each booster seat

Not able to make it to the event day? Fear not! Go Green Baby has limited storage space and can accommodate a small number of early drop-offs beginning Monday, September 9th.  We will only be able to accept payment in cash. Early drop off is on a first come, first serve basis, so please call before you come in to make sure we have space!

As a thank you for participating in the program, each car seat or booster seat recycled will be given a voucher for the amount paid to Red Propellor to be redeemed at Go Green Baby. Some limitations do apply, please contact us if you require more information about this. Vouchers are only available for seats dropped off at the event, not for early drop-off.

**Please note! Our parking lot has limited space for parking and we share the lot with other tenants. Please be mindful to park only in one of our 4 designated Go Green Baby parking spots. Additional street parking on Main St, York St, and Raglan St is usually available if needed.**