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Cloth Diaper 101 Workshop

There is a wealth of information online about cloth diapers. So much in fact, it can feel overwhelming and maybe even a bit intimidating. We've been there! And we know how to help.

Empower yourself with knowledge, get your questions answered, and connect with other expecting/new parents and caregivers!

In this one hour session, we'll break down the basics of modern cloth diapering. You'll leave feeling confident you know the different styles of diapers available, what you need to get started, and wash routine basics. We'll also make sure to share some tips and tricks to help you have an enjoyable and successful cloth diaper journey.

By attending Cloth Diaper 101, you will enjoy a special offer as a thank you for joining us! Please see upcoming workshop dates below.


Want more details? Check out the FAQ! This event is FREE! Anyone interested in cloth diapering is invited to attend. Please register so we can send you information to know ahead of time, contact you if something changes and send you a promotional offer as a thank you for attending.

Come learn all about modern cloth diapering!

Cloth Diaper 101 Workshop

Upcoming Dates

Saturday, May 20th, 2023 at 9AM


Please note that dates are subject to change.