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We're proud to be a partner in community recycling and repurposing initiatives. 

*During stay-at-home orders when the shop is not open to the public, please call ahead to let us know when you'd like to drop your items off. We will meet you in our parking lot or outside the shop to collect your items.*

Earthub Collection Partnership

Stop by anytime during store hours to drop off any items that Earthub collects. Please ensure items donated meet collection criteria as listed below. Check out Earthub here for more information and if it's available in your community!

prescription pill bottles, cleaned with label and residue removed (donated to a disaster relief organization to use as medical supplies – International)  •mascara wands, wand part only – cleaned (donated to a wildlife refuge to use as brushes –  International)  •egg cartons (cardboard only, donated to local farmers – Local)  •4L milk bags, clean & flattened (outside bag, not bag holding the milk, used to make milk bag mats for the homeless – Local)  •dead markers (brought to Staples in support of the TerraCycle program)  •Swiffer & Febreze products (must be donated dry, collected for the TerraCycle program)  •air pillow packaging, bubble wrap (inflated only, reused at local business for product packaging – Local)
  • prescription pill bottles, cleaned with label and residue removed
  • cleaned mascara wands, wand part only
  • clean, cardboard egg cartons
  •  clean & flattened 4L milk bags (outside bag, not bag holding the milk)
  • dry markers
  • Swiffer & Febreze products
  • inflated air pillow packaging, bubble wrap

Battery Recycling

This recycling initiative is a fundraiser for SEATS for Kids. SEATS is an entirely volunteer run organization with a mission to ensure all babies and children are riding safely in vehicles. Car Seat Clinic's are run here in Kingston a few times a year and we highly recommend booking an appointment at one to ensure your little one(s) are riding safe. You can view the Kingston clinic schedule and book an appointment here. Please drop off dead batteries only during store hours.

Car Seat Recycling

We have previously hosted car seat recycling pick up events in the past with an organization called ATMO (formerly Green Propellor). Due to the pandemic, they are no longer running pick-up events but are working very hard with a big box retailer to initiate a nation-wide drop-off program. You can read more about this update here.