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*ALL SALES ARE FINAL* 30% off store-wide, applied at checkout.
*ALL SALES ARE FINAL* 30% off store-wide, applied at checkout.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Our Refillery is full service and products are sold by weight (in grams). Bring in your clean, dry & empty container and we'll fill it up with as much or as little product as you like. Your container(s) will be weighed & tared so you only pay for the product. We disinfect the outside of the containers before and after filling them.

Is the Refillery available via curbside pick-up?

Yes! With current restrictions, appointments are required for all of our curbside interactions. Please let us know when you'd like to come by to get your clean, dry & empty containers filled up! Give us a call when you arrive and we'll come out to collect your containers and "take your order". It will just take us a few minutes to get your order ready. You are welcome to wait in our parking lot, or you can come back later in the day. For payment we can take a credit card number over the phone or you can send an e-transfer to

What products are available?

Our current selection includes:

  • Dish Soap (liquid or bar)
  • Hand Soap
  • All Purpose Cleaner (pre-diluted)
  • Laundry Detergent
  • Dishwasher detergent (powder)
  • Bath Salts
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Body Wash
  • Baby Shampoo/Wash/Bubble Bath
  • Body lotion
  • Deodorant
  • Bath Bombs (unscented)
  • Coco Oat Bath

Check out the full product information, including ingredients list here.

Do you have any containers for sale if I forget mine?

Yes! We now stock a small plastic pouch on a deposit system developed by eco + amour. They hold approximately 450mL and cost $0.50 each. You can use adn reuse the bag as much as you'd like and your deposit will be returned when you bring the bag back to us. We collect the bags and return them to eco + amour where they will be sanitized and reused as much as possible. At the end of their life cycle, the bags are sent to TerraCycle to get turned into something new!

We also have a number of items in our Zero Waste collection that you may enjoy using for certain Refillery products. For example, a Squeasy Pouch is great for travel body care products, and stainless steel condiment containers like this and this are awesome for deodorant.

Can I try a sample?

Sure! This is one of our favourite things about buying in bulk. You can bring any size container and we will fill it up as much or as little as you like. You can also check out our Sampler collections. We've pre-filled small jars with approximately 40g of various body care products to try.