Zero Waste Living for you and your family

Simplify Your Home

Do you feel overwhelmed with your home life? Would you like to create more rhythm and simplicity in your home? Do you feel stressed or anxious when you walk into your home?


We are here to help you clear your space and mind of visual clutter!


Are you feeling stressed out because you have too much STUFF in your home? Too many toys, too many books, too many clothes? The list goes on!


Let us help clear some of your visual clutter and make your home an easier and more relaxed space for you and your family. We want to help simplify your family's life so that you can enjoy your time together.


Our services are especially geared to families, and those with young children. We want to help you gain your home and life back. Less toy pick up, less messes and less cleaning. We can help you do that.


Start with an online survey in which you complete a basic questionnaire to let us know your current home situation and what you would like improved. Then we meet for an initial consultation in your home. We will come to your home and assess your space. We can look at your entire home or one space in particular (such as your play room, toy room or living area). The choice is yours.


After your initial consultation, we will create a plan on how to simplify, organize and reduce clutter in each room.


From that point, you can choose to complete the work yourself or we can come in and tackle the rooms together (we highly suggest you enlist our help, since we have no attachment to any of your belongings).


If you choose to enlist our services, we will work together to clean, declutter and organize your space.


Our services do not require you to purchase any new items. We will work with the storage and organization tools in your home. If you choose to purchase additional items (such as baskets,containers, etc) that is completely up to you, but is not required.


Call Natalie at 613 344 0390 or email to learn more about our plans and to book your appointment today. Plans start at $100.