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Free Canadian shipping on orders over $150. Free local delivery on orders over $100.
Free Canadian shipping on orders over $150. Free local delivery on orders over $100.

Movement Classes at Go Green Baby

Prenatal Yoga Flow

Amanda sits cross legged on a yoga mat in the go green baby studio

In this weekly drop-in class, we'll practice gentle stamina-building flows with restorative breathwork and guided meditation, nurturing your body and spirit as you grow and prepare to birth a sweet, tiny human! 

Honour your changing body, cultivate strength and stability, and nurture your growing heart in a one-hour hatha asana practice supported with props, like chairs and blocks. Practice makes progress. We’ll build a foundation of nervous system regulation tools to support you through labour, the postpartum period, and the transitions of parenthood. 

Pregnant people of any gender, size, and ability are welcome! 

Pay online or in-store.

Please do not attend events at Go Green Baby if you or your child are experiencing any cold or flu symptoms. To help reduce the spread of respiratory illness, we have 2 HEPA air filtration units. Mask wearing is welcomed.

Always discuss and take advice on the specifics of exercising with a trained and trusted medical professional. Please notify the teacher of any serious illness or injury before every class and avoid performing any postures to the extent of strain or pain. 

To plan your trip to Go Green Baby, please see our accessibility page here.