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*ALL SALES ARE FINAL* 30% off store-wide, applied at checkout.
*ALL SALES ARE FINAL* 30% off store-wide, applied at checkout.

Our Core Values

Dark haired adult and baby snuggling on a creamy sheet. Text reads "life and birth, down to earth"

We would like to acknowledge that our shop is situated on the traditional lands of the Haudenosaunee & Anishinabek. Ancestors were removed by colonial forces and children were harmed and harm continues today. We commit to recognizing, acknowledging and addressing our unconscious biases. We commit to participating in raising funds and awareness for Indigenous-led cultural reclamation and re-connection projects to uplift current generations of First Nations.

To put it simply, our goal is to bring you natural, healthy products for you and your family. We are dedicated to offering families in Kingston and across the country ecologically sustainable, quality products for daily life from pregnancy to babyhood and beyond. 

Each product we choose is carefully researched and has been chosen for a number of reasons. Some of the factors we take into consideration are:

  • What materials are our products made from? We are committed to carrying products that are made from organic, natural, non-toxic, non-GMO, and petroleum-free products as often as possible.
  • How are the products manufactured? We look for brands that value fair pay, equitable wages, sustainable and healthy work conditions, and ethically sourced raw materials.
  • How far have the products travelled? We strive to reduce our carbon footprint by sourcing locally as much as possible. 
  • How long are the products intended to live and what happens at the end of their life-cycle? We can all reduce our waste and reliance on new raw materials as much as possible by choosing durable, quality goods, and open-ended imaginative toys meant to last years rather than months. When the items inevitably reach the end of their life cycle, we want to know that they can be reused, upcycled, composted, recycled, or returned to the companies that produced them for waste management.
  • Is this product needed by our community? We aim to seek out what is missing in our community and fill the gaps where, how, and when we can. We strive for community over competition.
  • Who profits from the business? We seek out diverse and underrepresented entrepreneurs like ourselves by supporting BIPOC, LBGTQ2S+, disabled and women makers and creatives. 

Along the way, we may make some mistakes with product choices but we believe this is part of the learning process. Critically questioning our beliefs and what we “know” to be true enriches our lives by learning new things and humbles us in remembering we can’t get it right all the time. Practice makes progress.

Most important to our business is the relationship that we develop with families and individuals in our community. We pride ourselves on offering excellent customer service, and aim to go above and beyond to make you and your family feel welcome.