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Free Canadian shipping on orders over $150. Free local delivery on orders over $100.
Free Canadian shipping on orders over $150. Free local delivery on orders over $100.

Preloved Collection Program

Thank you for your interest! 

We are excited to offer a sustainable and affordable option for families in Kingston to pass on their gently used baby, children's, and maternity items.

Our Preloved collection is a curated selection of beautiful items. We LOVE and prioritise locally made items, natural and organic fibres/materials, and small shops. A good rule of thumb for what we offer is if it's likely to be sold new at our shop, and is in great condition, we're interested! We also carry other items that may not fit those categories if we think you’ll love them, that they will last a long time, or if they help your family have fun outdoors!

*** The full Preloved Collection is available in-store, and we are excited to bring it to our online platform as well. Shop the collection here and explore a wide range of unique preloved items. Stay tuned as we continue to add new pieces to our online inventory, making it even easier for you to find your perfect treasures. Happy shopping!

Where do we get preloved items?

From families like yours! We purchase these items for store credit, price them fairly, and have the collection ready for you to shop in store.

adult wearing a baby in a stretchy wrap baby carrier

Items we accept: 

  • Gently used baby and children's clothing
  • Baby and children's footwear
  • Baby and children's accessories 
  • Baby and children's outerwear
  • Sleepsacks and baby blankets
  • High quality baby gear in excellent condition such as diaper bags and stroller covers
  • Baby and children's toys with all parts included
  • Baby and children's books
  • Some maternity and nursing clothing
  • Excellent condition baby carriers
  • Like new cloth diapers
child stacking wooden blocks

We cannot currently accept:

  • Large baby and children's items such as cribs, strollers, car seats, or furniture
  • Safety or body care items such as thermometers or nail clippers
  • Menstrual products

Wondering how we determine the classification of our preloved items? Learn more 

How does it work?

preloved collection process infographic step 1 select your items step 2 bring them to us step 3 accept/decline offer step 4 enjoy store credit

Step 1: Select your items

Review what we are currently accepting and ensure that the baby and children's items meet at least one of the following criteria: locally made, made of natural or organic fibres/materials, or from small shops. 

Make sure the items are clean, free of damage, and have all parts present (if applicable). Place your preloved items in a labelled bag with your name and email address printed clearly on it.

* Please note that items must be in good to excellent condition. If there are any minor repairs needed or stains, we will purchase them at a lower rate to account for the cost of repair. 

Step 2: Bring items to the store

Drop off the labelled bag at our store during our business hours. You will be asked to fill out a form with the following information:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Would you like to donate your un-purchased items or pick them up from us within two weeks of the offer?
  • Any specific prices expected for premium items?
  • Special notes

This information will help us keep track of your items and ensure we can contact you with an offer for store credit.  Our team will process the items and review them for acceptance into the program, typically within one week.

We may take some higher valued items on consignment on a case by case basis. Please enquire if you are interested in selling higher value items on consignment in our shop. 

** We reserve the right to not take any items we don’t want or are overstocked on. Additionally, we may change the program as needed to ensure we are offering the best service possible.

Step 3: Accept or decline our offer

Once we have reviewed your items, we will send you an offer via email for store credit. This offer will be approximately 60% of what we plan to ticket the item on the floor.  This amount can vary depending on brand, condition, style, seasonality, and quality. 

  • Please respond via email within 1 week from the date we send your offer. After one week we reserve the right to send you store credit for the amount initially quoted and donate un-purchased items. 

Step 4: Enjoy store credit and pick up your items

If you accept the offer, you can use the store credit to purchase new items for your family online or in store. If you decide to pick up the items, they must be picked up within two weeks of accepting or declining the offer, otherwise we will pass them along to a charitable organisation.

Thank you for participating in our Preloved Collection program and for your commitment to sustainability and supporting your community!