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Free Canadian shipping on orders over $150. Free local delivery on orders over $100.
Free Canadian shipping on orders over $150. Free local delivery on orders over $100.

Why We Love Monte Design Furniture?

Monte Design products have been helping families relax in sustainable comfort and style since 2005. While it's immediately clear their products are exceptionally well made and that they look as great in the living room as the nursery, what exactly makes them so planet friendly?

πŸƒMonte Design furniture is made a team of craftspeople, expert sewers, and technicians by hand in Toronto.

πŸƒ They've got the GREENGUARD Gold certification which means they've been screened for over 10,000 chemicals and emissions, keeping your home and your family safe, as well as not putting all that nasty stuff into our environment!

πŸƒ Their foam is locally manufactured using natural seed-based oils, decreasing the dependence on fossil fuels and lessening greenhouse gas emissions and lessening VOCs.

πŸƒ Their wood is certified by the FSC and the glue is water based and biodegradable. Plus, their suppliers replant an average of 3-4 trees for each one harvested (locally in North America to boot).

πŸƒ Their fabrics and threads meet Oeko-Tex standard 100, meaning no hazardous chemicals are used in the manufacturing process.

πŸƒ The steel is 95% recycled and free of lead-based paint or finishes and the mechanisms are made with low-solvent, water-based paints reducing solvent air emissions and solvent waste.

πŸƒ And to top it all off, their shipping boxes are also made in Canada from over 95% recycled materials!