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2 layers Hemp 3 layers Hemp 2 layers Bamboo

Two piece diaper system consisting of a leak proof cover with a pocket (sold separately) and an insert. 


Customize your baby’s diapers to suit your needs at every stage! Designed to fit perfectly in AMPs One Size Pocket Diaper.

Because of their generous size, these inserts also make great infant prefolds and can be fastened with a Snappi in a wrap style cover.

One regular insert is great for daytime use and two are fabulous for heavy wetters at night.

This is a great option for families who want versatility and ease of use with their diapers.

    Sizing and Fit

    Each insert measures approximately 12" x 15" (after washing) and can be folded once to make 4 layers of absorbency or twice to make 6 layers. 

    They suit most babies until potty training.


    AMP 2 layer and 3 layer hemp pocket diaper inserts are made of 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton. 

    AMP 2 layer bamboo inserts are super trim and almost as absorbent as the hemp inserts. They are made of 70% rayon derived from bamboo and 30% organic cotton.

    Made in Canada

    Pair with:

    AMP One Size Duo

    AMP Hemp Wipes

    Bummis Unbleached Cotton Flannel Wipes 

    Wipe Spray