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Diaper Pail Liner

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A pail liner will keep you from needing to wash out your diaper pail every time you do diaper laundry, just empty the diapers into the washer and toss the pail liner in there too! 


These are especially handy for use with front loading washing machines where it can be difficult to dump a diaper pail full of diapers into the small sideways door of the machine.

They make it easier to transport the diapers from the place you keep your pail, to the place that you wash them. 


23 inches wide by 25 inches tall

Fits most medium sized pails, including the Mother Ease 7 gallon pail.


100% Polyester

Made of the same high quality PUL fabric the diapers are made of, with an elasticized opening, so it doesn’t slip into the pail.

Made in Canada

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