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As Strong as the River

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Little cub wants to be big and strong like all the other bears because there's nothing bigger or stronger than a bear... or is there?

Join this curious bear cub as it learns from its mother how to hunt, fish, scratch and be patient in this beautiful debut picture book from Sarah Noble. Touching on themes of nature, nurture, and the importance of family, this is the perfect story for any curious young reader starting to question the world around them. In the vein of a classical animal picture book, As Strong as the River is designed to be the perfect bedtime story reading for parents and children.


  • Hard Cover, 32 pages
  • Age Range: 3-7 years
  • ISBN: 9781838740177


"A nature-respecting read with an emphasis on an edifying parent-child relationship."
—Publishers Weekly

“When our children explore and question the world around them, it’s important that they honor the simultaneous beauty and danger of nature. This is a perfect book to open those discussions, and couldn’t be a better read before a nature hike! (Though also enjoyable at bedtime.”
—Little Cub Literacy

“A beautiful story from a Cubs perspective about life lessons you learn from your mother, and how some things you have to learn alone.”
—Bookworm Home

“The textures and pencil strokes make my heart flutter! Beautifully done! I love stories where mama and littles are best friends.”
—Christy Mandin

“A masterful piece of storytelling and one that will lodge itself in your heart.”
—Book Bairn

“A lovely, comforting story combining family love and relationships with an introduction to the wonder of nature…the links between the nurturing of nature and the nurturing of family are subtly and gently portrayed and this would be a lovely story to share at bedtime.”
—Library Lady

“This book beautifully showcases the mutual love between a mother and child, and I’ll certainly cherish reading this book to my daughter over and over again through the years!”
—The Blossoming Bibliophile