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Tisgeh’dah Children’s Palette

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Beam Paints is so thrilled to introduce "Tisgeh'dah" lets colour it in Ojibwe!

These colours have been third party tested by the toxicologists at Duke University and Cambridge Materials testing to meet exceed the standards for safety for children's paint. They are not toxic or hazardous and meet LHAMA and ASTM D4236 standards for artist materials! They are also made with the same dedication to lightfastness and quality and are identical to our other paints for fine artists. We believe artists of all ages deserve the joys that handmade paints can bring! And knowing that their safety has been considered to the highest degree!

Also it is a small amount but our paint is only pigment and binder which creates a very concentrated colour which lasts a long time.

Colours: summer sun red, cherry magenta, pumpkin, fall poplar, Spring green, almost night, lavender, and robins egg.

Happy painting!