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Bumby Wool Mitts - Baby

Mitts and moms have been fighting since the beginning of time. 3 little kittens have lost their mittens, well they must not have had Bumby Mitts! Here are our solutions:


  • Encased tube elastic to string through coats so they won’t get lost the first time you use them!
  • Fulled lined with our super soft 100% merino wool in black
  • Hidden seams for comfort
  • Thumbless or with thumbs 
  • Simple clean design so it doesn’t matter if they are inside out or on the left or the right hand, they still fit!
  • All have an approximate 3″ tall cuff at the wrist
  • There is a lot of stretch to the wool, so they can span several sizes.

Baby small will fit most children newborn to 1 year, and large will fit most children 1-3 years. 

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