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Built Like the Seat in Your Car but Sized for Your Child

Oobr safe. Oobr cool. Oobr is a high-back booster that revolutionizes booster seating. Its "firsts" include a complete metal sub-structure, the rigid-UAS system and unique recline feature. When the time comes, it can be easily converted to backless. Want another reason to love Oobr? It’s been rated a 'Best Bet' by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety for 10+ years and comes standard with a drink-thingy.

Child Height, Weight, and Age

High Back Mode

  • Height: 40–57 in
  • Weight: 40–100 lb
  • Minimum Age: 4+ years recommended

Backless Mode

  • Height: 40–57 in
  • Weight: 40–100 lb
  • Minimum Age: 4+ years recommended

Booster seat laws may vary. Please check your local booster seat laws.

Elemental Safety System

Comprised of five structural safety elements, the Elemental Safety System secures and protects your child.

  1. Magnesium Seat Frame: Helps contain the torso during a side impact collision and protects against vehicle intrusion.
  2. Structural Headrest with Deep Side Wings: Connects to the magnesium frame using steel rods to reduce twisting movements and improve head protection in a collision.
  3. Energy-Absorbing Foam Layer: Absorbs energy in a side impact collision resulting in less forces transferred directly to your child.
  4. Belt Guides: Improves belt positioning on your child's shoulders and hips.
  5. Rigid-LATCH (UAS) System: Locks the booster seat into place using your vehicle's LATCH (UAS) to provide additional booster seat stability in a collision.

What Sets Oobr Apart?

  • Raises your child 4 in./10 cm to improve in-vehicle shoulder belt fit
  • Better positions the seat belt on the child's hips to improve safety
  • Locks into place to provide additional booster seat stability in a collision
  • Confirms that latches are locked with an audible "click"
  • Provides a secure connection even when booster seat is not occupied
  • Meets all Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards


Due to manufacturing delays, some variants may be delayed. If you are in need of a seat immediately, please reach out to us.