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*ALL SALES ARE FINAL* 30% off store-wide, applied at checkout.

Disana Organic Knitted Cotton Tie Diapers

by disana
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This organic cotton tie cloth diaper is comprised of a very long piece of stretchy knit cotton that is wrapped and tied around your baby.

The knitted nappy forms the core of our disana nappy system and is the growing nappy for every baby age. The highly absorbent organic cotton quickly absorbs and stores a lot of moisture. The absorbency is reinforced by an extra inlay also made of cotton. The concept is similar to a flat or prefold in that it consists of one flat piece of organic cotton, but it also features a stretchy knit cotton tie that is wrapped around your baby's waist to keep the diaper in place.

This diaper is made from soft, stretchy organic knit cotton that "grows" with your baby, which makes it truly a one-size diaper. It is one of the most economical choices in cloth diapers because it will fit your baby from birth through potty training. The knit cotton is absorbent but is fairly thin, so we recommend using this diaper with a doubler for extra containment and absorbency. You can use any doubler or insert directly against the baby's skin or in between the two folds of the diaper.

This is a terrific cloth diaper, especially for night time! This diaper may seem rather intimidating at first, but with a bit of practice you will find that it is quite easy to use without the need for any snaps, velcro, fasteners, or pins. Once you have mastered this tie and have achieved a snug fit, we do recommend folding the fabric in (toward your baby's skin) once or twice around each leg to form a cuff; this will help contain leaks. We love this diaper because it is one of few cloth diapers that is absolutely, 100% organic. Because it has no elastic, velcro, or snaps, it truly contains no synthetic materials of any kind. You will need a cover with this diaper to make it waterproof, and you can use any any type of cover you wish.

For a very effective night time system, we recommend using this this diaper "stuffed" with a cotton prefold, folded into a trifold (or a prefold + doubler of your choice for more absorbency), with a thick wool cover such as Disana's merino wool covers. This is a wonderful night time system because it is breathable for your baby and when tied properly, it contains leaks very well. This also works wonders at night because it takes a long time for this particular cotton to feel wet on the outside, especially when you have stuffed the diaper with an extra prefold or thick doubler. We love this combination because it is provides your baby with 3 or 4 layers of 100% organic fabric.

Made by Disana, this diaper is made from 100% organic cotton, certified organic by the International Association of Natural Textiles (IVN) and meets the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)

Made in Germany.


  • wash hot (95°C)
  • iron high (200°C)
  • tumble dry low (cool air)
  • do not bleach
  • extra soft
About Disana

About Disana

Designed and made in Germany since 1969, disana has perfected the balance between traditional craftsmanship and modern techniques to bring you outstanding wool clothing and accessories. The organic merino wool from Patagonia is transformed into beautiful, soft and functional pieces that exceed expectations year after year. 

Disana holds a special place in our hearts because of their unwavering commitment to sustainability. From their ethical treatment of sheep for wool to eco-friendly dyes and solar-powered electric cars, they exemplify conscious living. We're proud to offer their products, knowing that each purchase supports a more sustainable and mindful world.

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