Five Little Mermaids

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Dive deep into the world’s oceans with every kid’s favourite mythological sea creature: mermaids! Explore the Atlantic, Indian, Pacific, Arctic and Southern Oceans with 5 merfolk children to learn about the animals and plants that live there, and what makes each ocean unique. Readers will practice counting down from 5 to 0 along with the mermaids. Amusing details abound on each page, giving kids plenty of quirky new things to point out on each read. With 6 pages of facts at the end, whimsical illustrations, and a fresh, catchy melody, Five Little Mermaids will make a splash for STEM educators, librarians, caregivers and children alike.

32 pages

Dimensions: 9.75 x 10 inches

Written by Sunny Scribens and Illustrated by Barbara Vagnozzi

For ages 3 - 7

Book printed using recycled paper & vegetable-based ink.