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Flora Wraps

Woven Wrap

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Fluffy and mouldable after its first wash and dry cycle, you'll find this easy to wrap with and comfortable on your shoulders.


Flora Wraps are designed and sewn in Quebec with fabric woven in Europe. The fabric from these wraps is patterned rather then lined, showcasing the luscious possibilities fabric weaving can offer. Carry your baby in this wrap from day one until they're too heavy for your to comfortably wear wrapped up.

Sizing and Fit

The following is a general guide to help you choose the right size for you for the most basic carries (known as your base size in wrapping lingo). Your base size is the shortest length wrap required to tie the Front Wrap Cross Carry. Experienced wrappers may like shorter wraps or longer wraps for different style carries. Below is a chart to help you determine what base size may work for your body, but this can vary depending on your shape. 

Size 5: (4.2 m) Shirt size S

Size 6 : (4.6 m) Shirt size M-XL

Size 7: (5.2 m) Shirt size XL-2X

Size 8: (5.7 m) Shirt size 2X-3X

Materials and Care

Blossom Blushed, Blossom Ocean, and Freshwater Pearl are 69% Cotton and 31% Linen (290 GSM)
Blossom Monochrome, Blossom Night, and Pearl of the Moon are 100% Cotton  (280 GSM)

All of them are airy and breathable while still cozy and cushy. 

Shrinkage is inevitable when washing. The first wash will give you the desired size.

It is important to wash your wrap before your first use. It is advisable to wash your wrap in cold water. Use a mild soap without whitening agent. Bleach and fabric softener should not be used. We do not recommend the use of the dryer as it can reduce the life of a fabric, but using a dryer at first can help to break your wrap in. Ironing your wrap can also help to soften and break in your new wrap.

Try not to put the wrap in contact with materials or objects hanging like sharp jewelry or Velcro for example. It could pull threads and damage your wrap. Never wash your wrap with other clothes with zippers or other sharp elements. 

How to Use Your Flora Woven Wrap

Intimidated by the learning curve? Have no fear! We are happy to provide hands on help with the basics of your wrap, and guide you to helpful online resources and community experts. 

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