Gears & Puzzles

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With the gears' ability to twist, turn and be reorganized across the wooden board, children quickly develop an understanding of trial-and-error, problem-solving, cause-and-effect while using their logical thinking skills.

Create endless sequences, combinations and patterns with the set!

SUSTAINABLY-MADE: Each gear is sustainably designed to naturally bring children closer to nature. Crafted from PlanWood(TM), a unique material created from surplus sawdust and wood chips, each piece is coloured with non-toxic, water-based pigments and is optimally safe for children.


  • INCLUDES: 10 unique gears and 12 puzzle pieces.
  • Suitable for children 2 years and older.
  • Product Dimensions: 8.7x7.7x2.3 cm/3.43x3.03x0.91 inch
  • Product Weight: 1.08 kg/2.381 lbs