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Introduction to Peaceful Parenting, May 6 @ 1:00pm

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Class Description:

Doesn’t Peaceful Parenting just mean the kids are in charge?


Some parents think peaceful parenting is the same as permissive parenting. Absolutely not. The kids are not in charge. Peaceful parenting is kind but firm limits with lots of empathy and support.

Learn what Peaceful Parenting is and how you can raise resilient, successful, happy and emotionally intelligent kids.



$50 per individual OR $80 for parenting partners


Interested in our Tame Tantrums and End Power Struggle Workshop? Sign up for both for $80!


*Please avoid parking in parking lot during events and workshops. There is free parking on all surrounding streets. Thanks.



About the Instructor:

Sarah Rosensweet is a peaceful parenting coach. She lives in Toronto with her husband and three big kids (ages 9, 12, and 16). Sarah helps parents become the parents they want to be- with a non-punitive, connection-based approach that that feels good and works. Sarah is certified by Dr. Laura Markham as an Aha! Peaceful Parenting Coach. Enjoy your kids again! Find her at

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