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Let's Make Pizza

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2 to 6 Players, Ages 4 to 12

We are prep cooks in a Pizza Shop and must help Chef fill the pizza orders coming in while keeping an eye on how hot the oven is getting. We don’t want to burn any pizzas.

Often one player on a turn will set up the next player for a good move. Next time round, you may get help from someone else. That’s the fun of co-oper­ative play! That allows different ages to play together.

Three Levels of Play: The red dot game is for beginners and young players. Add the green dot cards for a tougher game. Add the yellow dot cards for the most challenging version. Even adults enjoy this one.

Contents: 36 Cards, consisting of 6 Pizza Orders, 5 Ovens, 25 Ingredients and Rules

©2011, Jim Deacove
A Co-operative Card Game ™

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