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JL Woodworking

Multifold Climbing Triangle Frame

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An interesting and ever changing climber for your little ones!

Easy to fold into a new shape and breaks down fairly small for when not in use. This will keep your little ones entertained for hours. What ever their imaginations come up with, this triangle can become it. From triangle climber, to house-geared for ages 12 months and up! Suggested weight limit 100 lbs.


  • Made of Baltic birch plywood and solid maple dowels.
  • The knobs are large to allow for easy, no tool modifications.
  • Also compatible with our standard ramp and rock ramp (sold separately).
  • Available to have the rungs painted in a rainbow or monochrome theme.
  • The paint used is a non-toxic water based acrylic/tempera or fusion mineral paint depending on your theme.
  • The paint is sealed with polyurethane, and the sides are sealed with a linseed oil and pine resin varnish.
  • Dimensions as a triangle: 33" wide x 53" open x 36.5" high.
  • Built by JL Woodworking about 1.5 hours north of Kingston, Ontario, these Climbing Frames are made with love and a keen eye for detail.


This Pikler-inspired climbing frame is an ideal active toy for children from birth to around 5 years of age and even older.

Before baby is able to pull themselves up, hang high contrast cards or toys of different textures and shapes for baby to enjoy exploring their vision and practice reaching.

When baby starts getting interested in pulling themselves up, the lowest rungs on this sturdy climber are the perfect height to grasp. They will engage hand-eye coordination as well as develop proprioceptive skills needed for balance. They will be cruising around their triangle in no time!

As baby turns into a toddler, they will begin climbing the rungs and exploring their body in space, slowly making their way farther from the ground. Luckily, this frame isn't very far from the ground! 

The young child will one day discover how much fun it is to climb overtop and come down on the other side! They will also love how the climber provides the perfect fort building frame! Silks with wooden play clips are perfect pairs to this unique, active toy. 

For safe playing, please keep the following in mind:

  • Supervised play is always recommended
  • Inspect all pieces frequently
  • Ensure no sharp or breakable objects are nearby the climbing frame to reduce risk of injury if there is a fall
  • Limit the number of children playing on the frame at the same time to reduce risk of injury
  • Carpets or grass are ideal surfaces to provide additional cushion for any tumbles 
  • Exercise caution and provide supervision when using any string or fabrics with the frame to reduce risk of injury (eg. creating a mobile or fort building)
  • Use the locking knob as an additional safety measure to keep the frame open when in use, and closed when in storage.