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The NEW Happy Family Game

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Where fun intersects learning, a brand-new card game designed to help build diversity, empathy, and understanding through play. The objective of each game is to collect the cards necessary to build as many family collections as possible using age-appropriate strategy and pattern recognition.
Defined and inspired by unique family differences around the globe, this new game is the perfect way to explore diversity through play!

• A catalyst for conversation – a playful tool for parents and educators to talk about family, diversity, and love.
• The perfect gift for family game time, classroom collections, and easy-to-pack travel play.
• Games, cards, and instructions in English, Spanish, French, and German included.
• Free printable game boards for teachers to use in the classroom.
• Ages 4 to 99.
• Players 2-6.
• Game time 15+ minutes.

The New Happy Family Game has been possible thanks to a collaboration with our friends and distributors in France,