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Nest Designs Bamboo Swaddle Sleep Bag 0.6 TOG

Nest Design’s Swaddle Sleep Bags are designed to grow with your baby. With the stretch material and adjustable wings, the Swaddle Sleep Bag is a safe way to swaddle and get baby sleeping soundly. Removable swaddle wings are easy to detach, so use them for as little or as long as baby needs. As they grow taller you have the option to open the bottom seam, leaving a finished hem and room for those little legs to stretch out.



– 2 way zipper for easy on and off
– Easy diaper change
– Wearable blanket provides warmth throughout the night
-Detachable swaddle wings to help baby feel extra safe and secure at night

Features SS19 Bamboo Swaddle Sleep Bag Flying Piggy



Sleep bag – 70% rayon from bamboo/ 25% cotton/ 5% spandex
Swaddle Wings – 70% rayon from bamboo/ 25% cotton/ 5% spandex and Velcro

TOG 0.6

Machine Wash Directions

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