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Organic Boiled Wool Overalls | Pacific

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Ultra soft boiled wool from head to toe.

The big hood, the roll-up cuffs on the arms and legs, the great fit, lovely big tagua nut buttons: all these details help to make our boiled wool overall a really special addition to baby’s wardrobe. 


  • The air woven into the boiled wool regulates temperature and humidity like no other fabric.
  • The high lanolin content in our wool envelops every single fibre, making the overall almost waterproof.
  • Both these effects make the boiled wool overall great to wear over baby‘s clothes when playing and romping about in the snow.
  • Our new overall has also been given a newly shaped hood.This makes it even more comfortable to wear for the very little ones in particular, with a snugger fit around the face.
  • The hood and neck part are now lined with fine organic cotton to ensure nothing itches in these sensitive areas.
  • Wool is an ideal fabric choice for cool temperatures and wet climates.
  • Wool can absorb 30% of it's weight in moisture before feeling wet underneath making this coat an excellent choice for fall and spring, and even those warm winter days.

Made from 100% organic Merino wool, and 100% organic cotton lining in Germany.