Plastic-Free Organic Hair Ties

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The first and only plastic-free hair ties in the world by Kooshoo!

Those missing hair ties don't vanish into thin air.

With every other hair tie in the world made from a plastic-based material, not only are these the best performing hair ties you'll find, but they're also game-changing for our oceans and landfills.

Environmentally-responsible, ridiculously comfy, non-pulling hair elastics that you will fall head-over-heels in love with!

Ethically made from GOTS certified organic cotton and natural rubber, these best-selling hair ties are made from 100% biodegradable materials so you can rest easy if one goes missing. That's not likely to happen though as the natural rubber ensures a non-slip, non-pulling comfort that lasts all day long.

Made from 100% biodegradable materials (70% Organic Cotton, 30% Natural Rubber)
Made in a Fair Trade certified facility in India. Designed in Canada.

Wash cold with like colours; lay flat to dry
*Hand dyed, some colours may run 1st wash. Wash cold with like colours.