Organic Cotton Flat Cloth Diaper

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Flat diapers are an inexpensive option that dry very quickly and wash easily. Can be used as an insert, or folded in a variety of ways for use, knotted, pinned or fastened with a snappi baby. Use a PUL or wool cover over top.


The organic cotton flat diaper can be folded to create extra layers where you need them. 

The more this diaper is washed, the more absorbent it becomes. 

It is the fastest drying diaper out there, and washes very well because it is only one layer.

Makes for a super absorbent insert for overnight.

    Sizing and Fit

    Osocozy recommends this diaper for babies from 7-25 lbs.

    Although it will be bulkier, it can be used with babies smaller then 7 lbs.

    Can use with babies bigger then 25 lbs if using an insert fold, or as a doubler for additional absorbency in another diaper.

    Check out this link for instructions fro two different fitted folds. Or fold into an insert.

    Pair with a PUL cover, or a wool cover when used on it own. Fold into an insert for use as a doubler.


    Made from certified organic cotton in a fair trade working environment.

    Made in Pakistan.

    Pair with:

    Bumby Wool Cover

    Bummis Simply Lite or Duo Brite Cover

    Mother Ease Sandy or One-Size Fitted Diaper (as a doubler for overnight)

    Snappi Baby

    Diaper Pins