Reversible Ramps

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The ramp is reversible from climber to slide.


  • Made of Baltic birch plywood and pine.
  • Suitiable to be combined with our Pikler Triangle, Multifold Triangle or Arch Climber.
  • The dimensions are 18.375" wide x 59" long.
  • The paint used is a non-toxic water based acrylic/tempera or fusion mineral paint depending on your theme.
  • The paint is sealed with polyurethane, and the sides are sealed with a linseed oil and pine resin varnish.
  • Built by JL Woodworking about 1.5 hours north of Kingston, Ontario, these rockers are made with love and a keen eye for detail.

For safe playing, please keep the following in mind:

  • Supervised play is always recommended
  • Inspect all pieces frequently
  • Ensure no sharp or breakable objects are nearby the climbing frame to reduce risk of injury if there is a fall
  • Limit the number of children playing on the frame at the same time to reduce risk of injury
  • Carpets or grass are ideal surfaces to provide additional cushion for any tumbles 
  • Exercise caution and provide supervision when using any string or fabrics with the frame to reduce risk of injury (eg. creating a mobile or fort building)
  • Use the locking knob as an additional safety measure to keep the frame open when in use, and closed when in storage.