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*ALL SALES ARE FINAL* 30% off store-wide, applied at checkout.
*ALL SALES ARE FINAL* 30% off store-wide, applied at checkout.

RLR Laundry Treatment

by Cadie
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The once-a-month treatment for all washable fabrics, whites or colours!

RLR is not a soap or bleach. It is a special treatment (sodium carbonate) to remove dulling dried-in particles from fabric, leaving whites whiter and colours brighter. During regular detergent washing, mineral deposits in the water, dirt and soil sediment and residual matter from detergents all accumulate in the fabric causing it to look dingy. RLR works by removing these particles from the clothing, holding them in suspension in the water and preventing redeposition so they rinse away leaving fabric looking like new.


For use with cloth diapers: RLR is a common product used for "stripping" or freshening your diapers. A diaper "strip" of some version is often indicated when your diapers have a smell or repelling issue. RLR can also be used to brighten diapers during the winter season when sunshine is in short supply. 

Empty one package with a full load of diapers into your washing machine with no other cleaning agents, including detergent. Wash in hot water with an extra rinse. Additional hot rinses may be needed if there is a large detergent buildup resulting in bubbles/foam still present during the final rinse.

RLR should ideally be used on an as needed basis, typically once a month at most. If you are having an issue with your diapers resulting in needing to use RLR more often, a change to your wash routine may be in order.

Always check care instructions for your diapers. All manufacturers will have specific wash instructions to follow to qualify under their warranties. RLR is a safe and common laundry treatment but may void a diapers warranty. Please ensure you are aware of those specifics before using this product if you are still covered under your diapers warranty.


For use on clothing: Open package and empty on dry or wet laundry in washing machine. Wash as usual with detergent, softener, etc. as desired. RLR can also be used for hand washing of one or two small articles of clothing-just use a small amount in a basin of water. 

  • No phosphates
  • Non-polluting
  • Bio-degradable

Each package is 1.35 oz, the main ingredient is sodium carbonate.