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Are you having trouble putting baby to bed at night? Then you have to try our sleep bag.

So many parents report that it helps their baby sleep through the night. 

Voted the No. 1 Wearable Blanket by The Bump in 2019, our bamboo sleep bag is buttery soft and keeps baby at a comfortable temperature all night long. 


  • Safer alternative to a blanket in bed
  • Feels buttery soft and highly breathable.
  • Features a double zipper, which makes it super easy to use.
  • At 0.5 TOG, it's the ideal sleep bag for warmer temperatures.
  • Exterior: 97% Rayon from Bamboo, 3% Spandex

TOG is a rating system that measures warmth and calculates how quickly a fabric uses heat. It is the standard when choosing the appropriate sleeping bag for your baby depending on the ambient temperature in their nursery. We recommend a thicker tog during cooler months and a thinner size during warmer months. Due to lack of quilting, the 0.5 TOG Sleep Bag tends to run bigger and have more stretch. 

0.5 TOG: 23 - 26 degrees C / 74 - 78 degrees F

1.0 TOG: 21 - 23 degrees C / 69 - 73 degrees F

2.5 TOG: 16 - 20 degrees C / 61 - 68 degrees F