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We Are All Flowers

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A rhyming, charming exploration of “flower-watering”—the art of appreciating others—for kids.

We are all flowers! We all need to be seen and genuinely appreciated to be our best selves, just like flowers need water. This fun and sweet book introduces children to the practice of flower-watering: the-much needed art of recognizing and appreciating good qualities in the people around you, which brightens and lifts everyone’s spirits.

Also includes a section on watering your own flowers to grow your own self-esteem.


  • Hard Cover, 40 pages
  • Age Range: 4-8 years
  • ISBN: 9781952692130


“A beautiful, touching, heartfelt book that helps children and grown-ups find and grow the good inside themselves and others. Through charming rhymes and gorgeous illustrations, readers learn simple, powerful ways to become happier, calmer, and kinder—all backed up by modern brain science.”
—Rick Hanson, Ph.D., author of Buddha’s Brain: The Practical Neuroscience of Happiness, Love, and Wisdom

A sweet book people of all ages can learn and grow from, from one of the best mindfulness and compassion for children educators.” 
—Christopher Willard, author of Alphabreaths and President of the Mindfulness in Education Network

“A beautifully illustrated story that reminds us of our ‘flower power.’ Discover the essence of flower watering, one of Thich Nhat Hanh’s most essential practices. Within this story lies the power to help everyone grow into their very best self.”
—Gail Silver, author of Anh’s Anger and Where Did Poppy Go?

“Orlaith’s book offers just the kind of healing needed by so many young people today: caring for others and for oneself.”
—Richard Brady, MS, Founder of the Mindfulness in Education Network

“With a wand of gentleness and a sword of insight, Dr. Orlaith O’Sullivan offers a beautiful, poetic, and deeply meaningful book for children of all ages. The wisdom found on each page will resonate with any parent and child and will reverberate long after reading. Be prepared to boost your well-being and your child’s while learning a lifelong skill.”
—Dr. Ryan Niemiec, bestselling co-author of The Power of Character Strengths and Education director of the VIA Institute on Character

“This charming story about tending to others, and remembering to tend to ourselves, reminds the reader to send out kindness to others whenever we can.”
—Andrew Jordan Nance, author of Puppy Mind and Mindful Arts in the Classroom

“A beautiful, heartfelt story in the form of a poem. The practice of flower watering in this book would be a great addition for reading in classrooms or at home.”
—Dr. Helen Maffini, Director of MindBE Education